Climate Change Special Interest Group

The Climate Change Special Interest Group is a network of academic and support staff interested in climate change and sustainability.

Why we exist: To promote impact through research, dissemination, and networking of climate change.The target of our impact:International, national and local debate, policy, and practice (including specifically our University) – in terms of climate change literacy as well as specialist communities relevant to climate change (e.g. transport, fuel, agriculture).


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Research/Teaching Interests: My major research interests are in community carbon reduction and the geoecology of badlands in SE Spain. I have been running a longitudinal project on community carbon reduction in the village of Ashton Hayes, Cheshire, since 2005. The village has reduced domestic carbon emissions by 24% and has installed community-owned renewable generation. It is seen as a pioneer in this area and has received worldwide media attention, e.g. front page article in New York Times on 22nd August 2016. Work in SE Spain concerns the distribution and dynamics of biological soil crusts in badlands and the potential impacts of climate change on their role in mitigating soil erosion.

What you’d like to get from the group: Dialogue, sharing of experience and a collective effort to raise awareness of climate change and sustainability issues across the campus. 


What I can offer: Sharing of ideas and experience and an extensive network of contacts.




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Research/Teaching Interests: Christian theology and ethics, especially in relation to non-human animals.

My research impact project CreatureKind <> aims to encourage churches and Christian institutions to reduce consumption of animal products and move to higher welfare sourcing of the remaining animal products. These initiatives are crucial for environmental sustainability, as well as for animal welfare and human health. We’ve already signed up the University of Winchester to the programme, and are in discussion with other universities, including Chester.

What you’d like to get from the group: The opportunity to be informed about the research, teaching, and practical initiatives colleagues are taking, and to identify areas where partnership and collaboration would be beneficial.

What I can offer:  I’d be happy to share my experience in initiating the CreatureKind project and discuss collaborative possibilities.



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Research/Teaching Interests: I am a Senior Lecturer in International Development at the University of Chester. My current research concerns the relationships between agro-ecological dynamics, social change and development interventions. This focuses on paddy rice cultivation in Senegal but speaks to broader debates about climate change and its implications for food security in the developing world. I am also interested in the emerging debates about the geostrategic impacts of climate change. Teaching within Geography (broadly defined), I try to help students understand how climate change-related effects operate at different scales, from the local (e.g. in African villages) to the global (e.g. in international relations).

What you’d like to get from the group: Through the Climate Change SIG I am seeking opportunities for research collaboration, particularly in the area of lowland tropical agricultural systems but potentially in other developmental domains. 

What I can offer: In turn I hope that I can offer expertise and guidance on developing-world aspects of climate change research and debate.




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Research/Teaching Interests: Research interests include responsible tourism, sustainable tourism, climate change, ethics, consumer behaviour and the area of tourism, health and ageing.

Ann’s PhD in Responsible Tourism explored the use of projective techniques in an attempt to understand why consumers/tourists travel to destinations popularly reported as disappearing, when the act of travel creates more carbon emissions, which hastens the disappearance of such destinations.

Ann has recently gained an interest in climate change education. Firstly, there was the (albeit late) realization that many students leave the education system without an understanding and awareness of climate change issues, let alone the motivation to encourage change and innovation. Secondly, the Faculty of Business and Management is a signatory to PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education), which has committed itself to work towards climate literacy.

What you’d like to get from the group: Collaborative opportunities for joint bidding, research, pedagogical development.



What I can offer: Collaboration; links into professional bodies - Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Tourism Society.



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Digital Humanities

Research/Teaching Interests: A Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering, of the University of Chester, and a member of the Digital Humanities Research Centre ( Her research interests include histories of social networks and scenes (including live music scenes), and the history and communication of science, especially regarding climate change, energy production, and transport.




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Research/Teaching Interests: Pedagogies for connectedness, collectiveness, well-being, and sustainability.

What you’d like to get from the group: Collaborative opportunities for joint bidding, research, pedagogical development.

What I can offer:  Application of tools/software, collaboration etc.:

Research expertise, link to professional bodies in people management and well-being (CIPD, EMCC, Lapidus).