26th April 2017

Strategic Economic Development Directorate

PEDOMETER CHALLENGE - We will walk 181 miles!

The Strategic Economic Development Directorate have been taking part in a month-long pedometer challenge in order to contribute to their silver green impact award. Ambitiously they have decided to implement criteria points for both the bronze and silver award since the start of this year and this ambition and competiveness has been channelled into their pedometer challenge too.

Accompanying their travel log which displays how many miles they have saved by traveling by foot, bike or on public transport their steps have been tolled up in London, Manchester, Warrington, Chester and Shrewsbury during the working day.

The challenge will be rewarded with fair trade prizes including coffee, chocolate, painted figures or animal magnets for the most steps completed by an individual in a works day. They are also seeing how far their cumulative steps will have taken them to from the campus in Handbridge in the form on miles, they are aiming for 181 miles which is the equivalent to walking from Chester to London. 


Throughout May SEDD have been running their own water campaign. They’ve already starting to use refilable water bottles for meetings and fixed the taps in department bathrooms to stop them leaking; now it’s time for us to make changes to our attitudes… We’ve got two big things planned: 

  • Meat free Mondays – It takes over 15,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of beef1. By reducing our meat consumption for just one day a week, we are putting a huge dent in our water consumption as a department. Enthusiasm was high across the team when the idea was first floated (excuse the water pun). Why not join us every Monday in May? 
  • No Bath Week – The average bath uses 80 litres of water compared with a four minute, energy efficient shower which consumes just 32 litres2. For one week in May, staff of the Strategic Economic Development Directorate will be unplugging their baths and putting aside the rubber ducks to trim their water usage and show that a little change can make a massive difference. Staff have even signed up their partners, children and pets to participate too!

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