4th May 2017

The Super Power Breakfast Club

On the 26th April Student Support and Guidance's Green Impact team held a sustainable travel event – The Super Power Breakfast Club. The purpose of the event was to encourage staff within the department to travel sustainably throughout the month of April, with a specific focus on our the team’s commute to work. 

The event was made possible through the NUS Green Impact microgrant scheme. We were joined by Tammy Hunt, who spoke of the importance of sustainabillity, and the work done by the Green Chester in line with this. The breakfast was held across both our Parkgate Road and Warrington sites, and attended by close to 50% of our staff. Together we travelled over 1100 sustainable miles in April, (the equivalent to a return journey to Frankfurt) and reduced our travel footprint by over a quarter of a tonne of CO2e (calculated using http://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx). 

The Super Power Breakfast Club encouraged 16% of attendees to give a sustainable commute a go for the first time, and 100% of attendees said that they would participate in this event in the future.

The SSG Super Savers are hoping to make the Super Power Breakfast Club a recurring event as it encouraged staff members to work together towards the common goal of reducing our carbon footprint, whilst increasing staff morale and promoting wellbeing throughout our department.

Good luck to the SSG SUper Savers and your Green Impact Audit next week!