11th December 2017

‘Save the Children’ Christmas Jumper Week!

Christmas jumper day,  Queen's Park, Green Impact


Queen’s Park Campus held a very successful ‘Christmas Jumper’ event to help raise money for Save the Children.  Queen’s Park Library don’t do things by half and rather than have just one Christmas Jumper day, we went all out and had a week long event!!

We had two Christmas sweepstakes with a difference;  we got to choose three Christmas songs and three Christmas items listed for a chance of winning a ‘mystery prize’ for a donation.   There was much anticipation about who would win and the lucky winners were Fliss and Jamie!  To keep us going through the week we had mini muffins and to complete our Christmas Jumpers, reindeer antlers and Santa hats were a great addition. 

CWRS also got involved and had a Christmas Jumper day on Queen’s Park Campus and a bake sale, selling lots of delicious cakes.

We raised a grand total of £71.42, well done everyone for taking part and no doubt we will dust our jumpers down for next year for a worthwhile event to raise even more money!!

Michelle AldwellLRA Queen's Park Library