24th January 2018

Veggie Fest 2018

Do you enjoy cooking/baking veggie or vegan food?

Do you have natural plant-based products you would like to showcase?

Do you grow plants?

 Are you currently undertaking research that ties in with the green side of veggie/veganism or biodiversity that you would like to create a stand about?

This year we hope to run the second VeggieFest in May. We recieved a lot of positive feedback and attention from last years event, even being part of the Green Gown Awards submission. This year we are looking for volunteers who would like to be involved. We are focussed once again on Veggie/Vegan food and this year are adding a 'Grow Your Own' element in conjunction with Parkgate Road Allotment.

VeggieFest 2017 celebrated National Vegetarian Week in May 2017 at Parkgate Road Campus. We had a grant from the Vegetarian Society that we used for cooking free veggie/vegan food tasters. We also had Catering with a stall showcasing products from their Veggie bar in Whites Dining Hall and NowFood with a stall focussed on 'making salads interesting'. 

We even had Tropic, a company producing all-natural vegan cruelty free beauty products. Laura Edwards, Tropic ambassador gave free facials!

Would you like to be involved? All and any ideas are welcome, please email me at c.percival@chester.ac.uk by 31st January. 


Veggie Fest Founder