13th April 2016

John Milton Hall top of the leader board

Residents of John Milton Hall have been crowned DoNation champions after topping the leader board in the first ever ‘University of Chester Halls Do Challenge

The competition saw halls of residences in Chester and Warrington, battling against one another to make and confirm the most ‘Do Actions’ - small behaviour changes that add up to a better world - over a two month period.

The initiative was part of the bigger Do Nation initiative, that encourages people to take simple actions to make sustainable living normal, such as cycling to a workplace, driving more efficiently, eating less meat or turning the thermostat down a notch.

Teams were set up across the University’s campuses, and respective Hall Wardens received training and Do Action packs containing, badges, stickers and posters to help spread the word.

Tamara Hunt, Sustainability Officer at the University said: “Last year saw staff and students at the University, pledging to make small changes to their daily routine and lifestyle, as part of the Do Nation initiative. As such, the University was a finalist in the 2014 Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges Green Gown Awards.”

“This year, however, we decided to focus on first year students in University accommodation as they have a direct impact on the University’s carbon footprint in terms of the electricity they use and heating of accommodation”.

A total of 239 pledges were made at the start of the challenge, which resulted in a saving of 5996kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. At the end of the two month period, 4427kg of CO2 had been saved which is the staggering equivalent of five flights from London to New York!

Residents of John Milton Halls stormed ahead, pledging a total of 95 Do Actions and confirming 53 of them. They were crowned the winners of the UoC Halls Do Challenge and participants were invited to celebrate at a party in the Students’ Union. 

James Bullen a first year Geography and Natural Hazard Management student, and resident of John Milton Hall added: “The competition element between halls really helped to engage my friends and I, and it was fun to work together and encourage others to make simple changes to their daily lives - things like turning off a light or only filling the kettle to the amount you need. Knowing how much carbon dioxide we'd be saving made it more interesting and the free pizza for the winning team was a great incentive too!”