22nd April 2016

Energy & Carbon Lab scoops Educate North Award for Environmental Sustainability

Energy and Carbon lab

For the second year running the Sustainability Unit were winners of the Educate North Awards in the Environmental Sustainability category for the work of the Energy and Carbon Lab. 

The Sustainability Unit spent the last three years gathering information and building relationships, to focus on collaboration rather than imposition. They piloted software to help monitor, manage and report on the University's building energy management and utilities. Now with a clearer picture of the University's energy consumption than ever before, the Unit invited key colleagues, working ‘on-the-ground’ to come together to create solutions to our energy challenge. We called it, the Carbon & Energy Innovation Lab. 

This led to the three significant projects going ahead in 2015:

  1. State of the art Solar panels and inverters installed and reporting back on 10 buildings
  2. LED installed in 6 of those buildings through Salix loans
  3. Strategic Energy Partnership - energy infrastructure competition - launched at Thornton Science Park, with the aim of dramatically cutting energy, carbon & cost

In 2015 alone switching to LED lighting led to 414.75 tonnes savings in CO2e, 5% of current electricity consumption in 2014/15 and 802, 821KWh, equating to £96,338.52 savings. 

In one year the Lab has implemented a brand new bottom-up approach to energy and carbon management. Every member of the Lab contributes starting with reports from Ian, who runs Facilities Helpdesk, and comparing this with data from Simon our Trend Energy Manager and Phil, our Building Energy Management System Engineer, feeding back on actions from our Demand Logic software. Together we build a picture of our biggest challenges and use our combined knowledge of the site and its users, to design and test solutions.

The lab are honoured to have won the award and to be recognised in the North West.